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Utilities Overview

The OpenSSL package

This section describes a version of the openssl program that is available with Eric Young’s OpenSSL package, which can be downloaded from the OpenSSL Web site, OpenSSL is a publicly available implementation of the SSL protocol. Consult Appendix C for information about the copyright terms of OpenSSL.


For complete documentation of the OpenSSL utilities, consult the documentation at the OpenSSL web site

Command syntax

An openssl command line takes the following form:

openssl utility arguments

For example:

openssl x509 -in OrbixCA -text

The openssl utilities

This appendix describes the following openssl utilities:

x509Manipulates X.509 certificates.
reqCreates and manipulates certificate signing requests, and self-signed certificates.
rsaManipulates RSA private keys.
caImplements a Certification Authority (CA).
s_clientImplements a generic SSL/TLS client.
s_serverImplements a generic SSL/TLS server.

The -help option

To get a list of the arguments associated with a particular command, use the -help option as follows:

openssl utility -help

For example:

openssl x509 -help
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