Best Response - More democratic ranking?

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I notice that a 'Best Response' feature has been added to the community discussion board, but I am not clear on who decides what is 'best'?

Could 'Best Response' be developed so that it is the comment with the highest positive votes from community members or the owner of the discussion thread?

It appears that currently it is selected by a moderator, can someone confirm?

Appreciate the addition of the feature, but would like to see it extended!



I was curious about this myself.

I asked David Powles to add that feature to make sure that all of my responses trickle to the top. ;-)

I actually haven't seen the feature yet.. so, I'll have to go and find it!

I probably should have provided a link to an example of it (have only found a couple so far)

Like with some of our features on the Portal, this one was rolled out in a limited fashion to "test the waters" and provide Community Managers such as David Powles first the ability to gauge its initial success and test short-comings. As the value of "Best Response" grows, I imagine we will expand this feature beyond its current limits. Such as allowing Community Leaders, and even Discussion authors, to choose Best Responses. I'll let David speak to this as well.

"Best Response" is indeed a feature we've recently implemented and are currently testing. To restate - at this stage these responses are selected by Red Hat associates, but in future we will expand this, for example to allow the original poster of the thread to select the response that best resolved their query, or to allow users to vote on the best response, as you've suggested. We'll experiment to find the approach that works best for the community.