mysql 5.5 installation "invalidate" support for rhel 6.5?

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Hi guys, just for info,
it's possible install MySql 5.5 from "" without lose support for operative system (RHEL 6.5) ? There is a specific procedure ?




Is there a reason why you'd prefer installing an upstream version of MySQL 5.5 instead of the Red Hat packaged and supported version of MySQL 5.5 in Red Hat Software Collections?

Refer to:

Until this post I had never seen nor heard of RHSC.. not sure how I missed it!

That support item is pretty fresh so I am assuming the existence of it isn't widely know?

Is there a list of other packages that are going to be added in future? What is the best mechanism to raise requests for additional packages to be added?

Grrrr. that's definitely a shame on our part for not pushing it harder, but great to hear that you all are interested! As for a list of future packages, we don't publish that, but we are always looking for feedback on what packages to include given RHSCL has a shorter life cycle, and is more aggressive in includes compared to base RHEL.

Here is the life cycle for RHSCL:

I believe we will be putting out a survey asking for feedback, but one can always request a feature by filing a support case using the Red Hat Software Collections product. We also have associated products in Bugzilla.

Andrius, I and some other entities will be interested in this and did not know of this until this post.

Maybe tough to find? Let me know. Here are some cool posts/announcements: