Satellite version 6 with Puppet, git, Foreman, Katello, Pulp and Candlepin included - questions on using Puppet

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Minor update 2/5/2015 - note the pdf files at the bottom of this original post, and included in the links here... Many folks added some good/relevant discussions as well.

UPDATED: More slides from the 2014 Red Hat Summit, Todd Warner/Thomas Cameron

I first heard of the use of deploying Puppet Manifests through one of the other people in the discussions here who goes by PixelDrift.NET. Then I came across this at this link that tacitly describes this.... Puppet is apparently very powerful and has a lot of merit, so in my reading I found this further descriptions of Puppet integration with Red Hat Satellite v6; Puppet Installation of Master and Client Components PDF FORMAT

Updated, this link is from the 2014 Red Hat Summit, Red Hat Satellite 6 Overview, Demo and Roadmap regarding these products being included with Red Hat Satellite 6.
This link is from the 2011 RH Summit, yet it contains some relevant info regarding the addition of:
- Puppet for Configuration
- Foreman for Provisioning
- Katello for Content/Life Cycle Management
- Pulp for Repo Management
- Candlepin for Subscription Management.

Puppet will likely be a welcome addition for PixelD (and others), and those of us not yet acquainted with it's use will get the opportunity to do so...

So I'm now interested in instantiating this, and perhaps a proper Puppet server in my test environment to learn it as well.

Does anyone have any idea on building custom manifests, perhaps not only for a more secure build addressing CVEs and other needed security issues, but also configuring server and workstation roles, or a good guide to build a Puppet server?

The discussion here can be wider than what I've introduced here...


Aug 21st, 2014 - added the puppet guide for satellite 5/6 provided by Xixi D. mentioned in the comments below and also at




Any specific RFEs would be appreciated at Or, general comments sent to would be appreciated :)

FYI here's a recently published Technical Guide / Whitepaper about Using Puppet with Red Hat Satellite 5 and 6:

Transition Guidance Request:
I am currently using Puppet 3.x together with Cobbler maintaining local repository mirrors in a home-grown minimal equivalent of Satellite 5. I would like to make a pitch to Management to obtain licensing for Satellite 6, but I need some help transitioning into the forman/katello/pulp/candlepin combo.

I installed the open source forman/katello/pulp/candlepin/puppet on a CentOS 6 VM at home and was amazed at the ease of installation and the features of the web GUI.

I created a local mirror of one of the CentOS repos with a few mouse clicks. WOW !

Now the questions: I am used to the way Cobbler manages its repos and kickstarts and snippets for bare-metal provisioning. What is the equivalent workflow path thru forman/katello/pulp/candlepin ?

Xixi D, thank you for adding that technical guide for Puppet with Sat 5/6. I added the pdf to this discussion and cited the article you referenced.

Daniel, See this documentation on satellite 6 workflow, but it will obviously relate to satellite 6 and not to the instantiation of these separate products you cited from the upstream vendor. What you've established sounds interesting...

I believe you could obtain a beta evaluation for satellite 6 and run it concurrently. During the 2014 Red Hat Summit, they mentioned the path to satellite 6 would be to run both a satellite 5 and 6 together and migrate from one to the other. Also see this Red Hat Summit youtube video describing this


Correct on transition. They are finalizing things on the approach and should have it out $REAL_SOON.