RHEL8_8 Install issue with OCSM

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I am trying to install Oracle Communications Session Monitor (OCSM) on a Rhel 8-8 govt owned server. Using a clean install with the download from Red Hat, I am having no issues. This is with a package that has all the necessary rpms and a script that installs MySQL python packages and the OCSM all in the proper order. Only modification in my environments is I have to turn off fips before install for it to work.

When I run the same thing on the image from the customer, it looks like it installs correctly though when you http to it it throws back a unable to connect to server error and it looks like some services aren’t starting with the server. ‘Sorry trying to remember from Friday’. Selinux and fips are being turned off. The image for the most part is clean but I have to be missing some kind of security feature that isn’t on by default on the standard version but is on the image that I am getting. Any opinions on what I might want to look at would be appreciated, been stuck on this for a bit.