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I have such processor:

Intel® Core™ i5-4300U CPU @ 1.90GHz × 4

I run on RHEL 8.7 ... upgrade to 9.0 is not possible because processor is not supported.

So my question is:
- where can I find list of supported processors?

I asked because I have a plan for this year to upgrade my test machine to sth with AMD AM5 Ryzen 7/9 7XXX Series. I do not want to buy sth that is by default not supported by RedHat / OpenShift



Hi Tomasz,

You may find what you are looking for in the Red Hat certified hardware catalog. :)


Hi Christian, Thank you for link. I think somebody must really sit and prepare such list correctly. It surprisingly is not containing any of my processors. I know that it is huge work, but sorry I expect sth like:

i5-4300U / RHEL 8.X Supported/Not Supported i5-4300U / RHEL 9.X Supported/Not Supported or AMD Ryzen 7 7XXX Series / RHEL 8.X Supported/Not Supported AMD Ryzen 7 7XXX Series / RHEL 9.X Supported/Not Supported

If not supported I expect to specify why not supported: i.e. lack of intruction set. lack of virt techn, lack of register etc. Very popular model is Core i5-6500T (Lenovo Tiny M910q ) ... supported for ver. RHEL 7, but it does not exist for PROCESSOR SUPPORT. We see the database consistency problem.

So this list is really ... "very helpfull". But thanks for the link, again. T.

Hi Tomasz,

I can understand your frustration - maybe some search filtering helps a bit. :)

If a CPU (generation) is not listed there, you can consider it "not supported".

Certified cpu collections by AMD for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9

Certified cpu collections by Intel Corporation for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9


Christian, so definetely I will postpone my decision about new platform (AMD AM5 7000 Series) untill it will be prepared correctly on HCL. I think other people has the same dillema. All the best Tomasz