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We are upgrading from Satellite 6.8 to 6.11. This will be a Connected Satellite. I know, 6.11 is out of date, but Leader want to install it anyway just to see how to install and configure a Connected Satellite. Then we will move to 6.12 in a month or so. In order to install Satellite 6.11 on this new VM and use it as a Connected Satellite server, to fast-track things, our Leadership wants me to register this VM to the Current Connected Satellite 6.8, so I can get quick access to the RHEL 7 rpm and the Satellite 6.11 rpm by running "yum install satellite" from my new VM... Then de-register this new VM from Satellite 6.8 so I can configure it as a Connected Satellite 6.11....

Based on all the documentation I've run across for a Connected Satellite, it recommends to run the "yum install satellite" command on the new VM, once connected to Red Hat CDN... I think we should follow the guidelines based on the Red Hat documentations.

My question: In order to download Satellite 6.11 on this new VM, does it really matter which method is used. When the goal is to download Satellite 6.11 to the VM?


Hello, when installing a new fresh 6.11, I would highly recommend doing so on RHEL8 already. Since 6.12 runs on RHEL8 only, so you would have to do a LEAPP upgrade of the OS before that upgrade. A redundant step that might bring some issues (we recently discovered a few ones).

To your main question if you can register the new Satellite to an old Satellite for its install, and re-register to CDN later on: officially, it is not supported. Technically, I don't see a problem with it, I used it on non-production Satellites a dozen of times. But a devil can be hidden in a detail I dont oversee, so until it is a big concern, then for a production Satellite I would recommend following the supported way of install.

Thanks Pavel.. We do plan to install 6.12 on RHEL8. We are waiting for a RHEL8 Baseline to be completed.