Error when fetching container image tags from Satellite Capsule

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I'm new to Red Hat Satellite. We installed Satellite Capsule according to the official documentation, but we ran into one problem. A host that is registered to Satellite Capsule cannot fetch container image tags. An error message will appear.

[root@serverb ~]# podman search --list-tags
Error: 1 error occurred:
    * error getting repository tags: fetching tags list: invalid status code from registry 404 (Not Found)

The host has no problem fetching the list of container images in the repository.

[root@serverb ~]# podman search
NAME                                       DESCRIPTION                             

The host also has no problem with downloading the container image where the tag is explicitly entered.

[root@serverb ~]# podman pull
Trying to pull
Getting image source signatures
Copying blob 8740c948ffd4 done  
Copying blob 6b69f5f35b15 done  
Copying blob fbe2c77d1b4b done  
Copying blob 495af11a3eac done  
Copying blob a2271c958e57 done  
Copying blob e2e7606dcdc1 done  
Copying config b0f8d8ac93 done  
Writing manifest to image destination
Storing signatures
[root@serverb ~]# podman images
REPOSITORY                                 TAG         IMAGE ID      CREATED      SIZE              6.0.16      b0f8d8ac93c5  13 days ago  115 MB

Hosts which are registered on Satellite have no problem getting information about container image tags.

[root@servera ~]# podman search --list-tags
NAME                         TAG  6.0.16  6.2.8  latest

Could I ask you for some advice?



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