Self Signed certificate error

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When trying to sync redhat repo's we are receiving an error from our repo server for untrusted certificate.

This can also be seen externally when using a tool such as SSL labs. We also get the same warning in browsers.

How come now uses a self signed certificate? And will this be updated?


Hello Lewis,

Have you checked this?

Hope this helps!

The files on is actually protected using certificates in a special RH PKI. You will not be able to directly download from it without having the correct client certificates. You need to have a valid subscription/license to receive those certificates (happens behind the scenes).
If the original problem here is that your Satellite cannot download from, please make sure...
1) .. you have created a subscription allocation for your Satellite server, including valid subscriptions
2) .. you have exported the manifest for that "subscription allocation" into a file
3) .. you have imported that manifest file into your Satellite, at menu "Subscriptions" / "Manage Manifest" / "Import New Manifest" / "Choose File".
Sometimes you can simply press the "Refresh"-button at the same menu.