Setting up Openscap Puppet or Ansible

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Disconnected/ Connected Sat 6.10

Going to Infrastructure > Capsules >> Features still only show:
Ansible, Discovery, Dynflow, Logs, Openscap, pulpcore and ssh.

I went and followed the instruction below for ansible below.

Every step is followed and I get to the step below

Running the Foreman SCAP Client Ansible Role

I go >> Configure menu and select Host Groups >> press the down arrow under Actions for the OpenSCAP Clients Group, and select Play all Ansible Roles. The Job fails. I run the report and all the way on the bottom, it says:

No packages matching 'rubygem-forman_scap_client' found available, installed or updated"", ""rc"": 126,...
ok=4, failed 1

running rpm -qa /rubygem-fore/ shows 15 different items but not that one.
How can I get this one?