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Good Afternoo,
Does Redhat Satellite ever need patching, if so what is the best way to do so?


Hello Lud Augustin,Jr,

Yes, certainly if you need to keep the Satellite server updated with latest errata's being installed and keep the compliance level of the system up-date. That is a simple answer. I'm sure that anyone would agree with that and no one wants their systems to be outdated and get into non-complaint.

There are many Red Hat documents available regarding on how Update or Upgrade Satellite. Please refer those but the best one depends on your specific environment or use case. Just found this general documents:

Also, these discussion forums

Hope this is what you asked for. All the best!

Hi Sadavisha, i'm not able to see my server on the content of the satellite server. Can you help me with this please?

You may check under 'All Hosts' in Satellite. By default Satellite server should be there. Check if this helps

I did this but it's not showing still.

that didn't help. The server is able to be patched and all but it is not showing on the satellite server. I need it to show there.


Guides are here:

Select your version and then see the "Installation and Upgrade" section

Hi Stephen, my server is not showing on contents of the satellite server. Can you advise please?


Please remember self-registered Satellites are not supported. i.e. using the Satellite Server application to update the underlying base operating system is no longer supported. Please follow the upgrade guide.

To answer your question, if you set Organization and Location to "Any", does that make the Satellite host name show in the list of hosts?

I set the both the Organization and Location to "any" it doesn't show anything. The server is still not showing on the contents

so i was thinking of patching the satellite server because I'm not able to see a server under all hosts. I am able to ssh to the server but it's not showing in satellite. Please advise