Defining an array of compute Nodes in the install-config.yaml does not work

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Trying to install an OpenShift 4.11 Cluster on AWS using this installer with defining an Array of Machine of MachinePool Objects for the compute part fails.

ERROR failed to fetch Master Machines: failed to load asset "Install Config": failed to create install config: invalid "install-config.yaml" file: [compute[0].name: Unsupported value: "worker1": supported values: "worker", compute[1].name: Unsupported value: "worker2": supported values: "worker", compute[2].name: Unsupported value: "worker3": supported values: "worker"]

Is this a Bug in the Installer or is it just not possible to define a set of different compute replicas?
According o the Documentation it should work.



I think the error message is unrelated to the configuration of the array. A good example is here

So I would think config would be

- architecture: amd64 
  hyperthreading: Enabled
  name: worker
      type: m4.xlarge
  replicas: 4

In your case I think you specified 4, so you need to set replicas to 4. With replicas you are setting the number of worker nodes. By default my understanding is the number of worker nodes is 3.