Yum Update fails. Can't resolve HTTP/HTTPS, Azure VM Issue

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I'm having an issue pin pointing a yum update issue. I've tried all kinds of different things online but nothing seems to fix the issue. This is a RedHat 7.9 that is an Azure VM. I know little about this box other than I have 2. One works and is able to update while the other is not.

The broken takes forever when running yum or any subscription-manager commands. When it runs through the yum-update it gives errno 12 errors for all repo's. I attempted to wget google.com but it never resolved either. The resolv.conf is pointed at azure. As a side note all icmp packets are blocked by azure, so pings do not work.

I have looked over everything, and both the good and the bad box are almost identical (obviously not exactly or it would be working). Any ideas?