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Do I need to create a Capsule to push Errata?

Host > Select Host > Content > Errata >>
Selected one Type
Select Apply via Remote Execution

Error: Could not sue and Capsule for the SSH. Consider configuring remote_execution_global_proxy, remote_execution_failback_proxy in settings.



The satellite has it's own internal capsule. For that error I've never witnessed above, please submit a case with Red Hat


Ticket has been submitted.
I just thought to see if anyone has seen this error before.

I think the raised support case is the best option, just adding some more context here:

The procedure to select a Capsule that initiates the SSH connection depends on more factors described at documentation. If you are iterested in more detailed process or want to try mimic a dry selection of Capsule, then see this upstream PR - though not officially supported, backporting that to Satellite, you can get mimicking what Capsule(s) would be used for a given set of Hosts.

I don't have any capsules setup, so satellite should use the internal capsule to send the job. The job errors out right away. So, I think it must be just a setting somewhere but I'm not sure.

Apparently, even when I don't have capsules setup, I should be able to see "SSH" under >> Infrastructure > Capsules. E.

Any ideas why I don't see "SSH"? I haven't noticed any error's during the installation.