Cockpit -Creating Duplicates of NFS mounts

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I'm able to create a NFS mount, however it creates duplicates of the same, but the other is not mounted. Where do we go to post bugs for Cockpit?


Hi Nasheayahu,

The best place to report bugs would be :)


Hello Nasheayahu, please make sure to revisit the configuration you made for your NFS server.

I kinda get the idea you may be doing this on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) version 8, but we are not sure. So which version of Linux are you using? I ask this because if we were to attempt to provide a link to NFS instructions, we would want to provide the correct link going to the correct version of RHEL.

Please examine the /etc/exports file on the server hosting the NFS server to verify the expected NFS share so you are mounting the expected share that should be mounted? We are at a deficit of detail here.

Your description includes (minus the bugzilla sentence) this:

    "I'm able to create a NFS mount, however it creates duplicates of the same, but the other is not mounted"

Can you tell us what you did to create the NFS mount? Did you do a mere mount command such as:

(for purposes of the lack of detail, I'm making "servera" the server that is hosting the mount, with a mountpoint of "/mylocalmount")

[root@workstation1 ~ ] # mountpoint /mylocalmount
/myloclamount is not a mountpoint
[root@workstation1 ~ ] # mount server1:/exportshare  /mylocalmount
[root@workstation1 ~ ] # mountpoint /mylocalmount 
/mylocalmount is a mountpoint

Did you achieve the mount through putting an entry in the /etc/fstab file?

When you say "there are duplicates" - can you explain us to this, because while we understand you are expressing there are duplicates, what does this practically mean? If you were to express this plainly how you see the duplications, how would you explain this?

Are there duplicate mount points in the client's /etc/fstab file? Did someone do a manual mount command such as above on a couple of places? Is there duplication on the server hosting the NFS share?? We honestly do not know what you mean.

See Christian's post above if you feel this is truly a bug to report.

Kind Regards,