Repository created but empty

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Hello all,

I created a product "Centreon-extras" and within it a repository "Centreon-extras-repo" with upstream URL "". (another two for noarch and x86_64)

I can see the /package page, I can see the package "centreon-nrpe3-daemon" and that it's inside my product and repository.

On my client machine, I can successfully attach the subscription "Centreon-extras"

subscription-manager list --consumed | grep "Centreon" -A 10
Subscription Name:   Centreon-extras
Provides:            Centreon-extras
SKU:                 519813030027
Serial:              4356862102096389744
Pool ID:             2c912a518123c12d018186d9f87e18ee
Provides Management: No
Active:              True
Quantity Used:       1
Service Type:

Meanwhile, nothing on my client machine

yum search centreon-nrpe3-daemon
Updating Subscription Management repositories.
No matches found.

"yum repolist --all" reveals that there is no "Centreon-extras-repo".

I tried to unsubscribe, refresh, yum clean all and remove /var/cache/yum.

Any ideas?

Thank you in advance.