Why Show Black Screen | Start up Fail ?

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I use Redhat 8 . I change /ect/fstab and acl
Now My system can not startup. just showing black screen.
I can not change /etc/fstab.

How can I run my machine.


Hi Ashraful Islam,

We're hoping you made a backup copy of your /etc/fstab

You will probably have to boot into a rescue mode using a RHEL 8 install ISO. Some instructions are here https://access.redhat.com/solutions/770703.

We are not exactly clear what edits you performed on your /etc/fstab and without being there in person, you would be our eyes and ears.

Are you able to reload the system? Is it a problem if you were to reload the system?

If your system has important data, you may have to do a rescue operation using boot media described in the article above.

This may be complicative over a discussion here, and you can certainly submit a case with Red Hat too.

Kind Regards,

Thanks For your quick Response. I edit /etc/fstab and add acl That bellow.

dev/mapper/rhel-root / xfs defaults,acl 0 0

UUID=8324013d-929b-4c1c-86b8-8540bb9d7732 /boot xfs defaults 0 0

/dev/mapper/rhel-var /var xfs defaults 0 0

/dev/mapper/rhel-swap none swap defaults 0 0

Here The First line dev/mapper/rhel-root / xfs defaults,acl 0 0

I added acl . when I reboot my Redhat 8 Server machine. After loading kernel and final It show Blank Screen nothing there Just show a coarser point Thanks Ashraful Islam

Hi Ashraful Islam,

I myself am busy with some things, if another volunteer doesn't get to you , consider opening a case with Red Hat.

Kind Regards,

XFS has ACL enabled by default. You do not need that option in /etc/fstab and it can cause problems during boot. You would need to boot from a recovery image and fix /etc/fstab. Also, you listed the entry for / as dev/mapper/rhel-root / xfs defaults,acl 0 0 The line should start with a '/' (/dev/mapper/...)

Thanks for quick reply. I can access Putty software But can't edit. It's show read-only. how can I change to my previous /etc/fstab Thanks