downgrade redhat from 7.9 to 7.3

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Somebody can tell me how to downgrade from redhat 7.9 to 7.3?

thank you for your help.


Hi Socrate,

Besides the fact that this would be an extremely bad idea ... a fresh install of the outdated 7.3 version is what you can do. :)
Downgrading in the common way might break too much. But don't do that, better consider moving to a supported edition.


To add to what Christian said...

Red Hat recommends against attempts to downgrade to a lower-minor version of RHEL which is explained here Yum downgrade is intended for just one or maybe a few rpms, and see the warnings and specifics at the link in this paragraph please!

    Thus, downgrading a system to minor version (ex: RHEL6.1 to RHEL6.0) (note, this applies for later versions too!!) is not recommended as this might leave the system in an undesired state. If this operation is attempted, it is strongly recommended to only do so with working system backups in place. In general, use the yum history option is intended for small update rollbacks.


What's the reason you believe you need to downgrade?

RHEL comes with a guarantee within a major version so that any application which runs on an earlier minor version (7.3) should run on a later minor version (7.9).