[Documentation] Deploy VMware Tools on RHEL guests using Red Hat Satellite

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Hi folks,

I'm just getting started with Red Hat Satellite after "playing around" with Red Hat Spacewalk for one year.

A big part of my RHEL environment is running virtualized on VMware vSphere and so I was researching for a way to easily deploy newer version of the helper software "VMware Tools" on my systems.

I wrote a short documentation about how to implement this - maybe this is also interesting to some of you.

Just wanted to share that with you - if you're interested you can find the documentation here: http://st-devel.net/blvra

Best regards from Germany,


Hi Christian,

The title does not 100% match with the documentation site:
You decribe the commands for Spacewalk, a community driven product (not Red Hat owned). The commands are different from Satellite commands.

The concept is great, but what does it add, if you still have to go to each client to install the rpm.

If one would use osad on the clients, the distribution could be done by central scheduling.

Kind regards,

Jan Gerrit

Hi Jan!

Thanks for your feedback!

I successfully implemented this on Spacewalk and Satellite (but not on SUSE Manager) as the most spacewalk* commands are also part of the Satellite distribution:

# rpm -qf $(which spacewalk-repo-sync)
# yum --disablerepo="*" --enablerepo="redhat-rhn-satellite-5.6-server-x86_64-6" list|grep -i spacewalk-backend-tools
spacewalk-backend-tools.noarch       2.0.3-18.el6sat       @red-hat-satellite
spacewalk-backend-tools.noarch       2.0.3-20.el6sat       redhat-rhn-satellite-5.6-server-x86_64-6

Satellite adds multiple command on top of what Spacewalk offers - amongst others satellite-sync for syncing the channels available to your personal RHN account.

Deploying the RPM using OSAD is a great idea - that's actually what I did, unfortunately I forgot to mention that in my article. Thanks for the hint - I'm going to add this! :)

Best regards,

Hey Christian, thanks for contributing this! Hopefully some folks here will find it useful.