RHEV Hypervisor External Monitoring

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How can i monitor RHEV Hypervisor and Manager and VM

to my zabbix monitoring server

is there any zabbix plugin or procedure to monitor it

Please ASAP





Disclaimer:  I've never really worked with Zabbix previously, so my knowledge here is based on about 10 minutes of google searches.

Your RHEV-M host and any vms would be similar to any other standard host that you currently monitor, unless I'm misunderstanding your question.  RHEV-M runs on a RHEL host, so you would configure it the same way you would any other RHEL host.

As for your hosts running VMs, if they're running RHEL+vdsm, then it's the same as above, just configure it as you would a RHEL machine.

If they're RHEV-H, then that's a bit more complicated.  RHEV-H does provide configuration for some limited snmp and cim monitoring.  From my quick research, you need an agent on the host to monitor the system.  Adding this to a RHEV-H is not currently possible (though there is a plugin mechanism being looked at).  For details on the plugin work, you can check out http://www.ovirt.org/Node_plugins