release date satellite 6.11

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Announcement of Satellite 6.11 , this release will support RHEL8 as server?
We are in progress to install a new Satellite server.
Question, is there a release date of 6.11?


Hi Arris,

There is no release date announced yet.


Jan Gerrit

Hi Aris,

An outlook on RHEL 9 will provide you a hint, once you registered you will get a link to the recording.

Although it was about RHEL 9, also some forward looking statements where shown about the Satellite release calender.

Forward looking statements are not solid promises and may be changed due to circumstances.


Jan Gerrit

Hi Aris,

Youtube webinar about Satellite 6.11 we might here more on June 29th, 2022.


Jan Gerrit Kootstra

What was this? I'm getting:

Video unavailable
This video has been removed by the uploader

Hi Terje,

It is not 29-jun-2022, but in yesterday episode the presenters announced a delay due to schedule issues.


Jan Gerrit


Any news when Satellite 6.11 will be released?

Thank you!

Rumor is GA might be tomorrow the 30th of June. Fingers crossed.

June 30th is upon us, still can't build RHEL9 systems, that seems like a poor planning

Speaking on RHEL 9 I discovered at about midnight last night that it lacks Emulex FC HBA drivers that are present in RHEL 8. Back to 8 for now.

Came here looking for that, too. I talked to someone in support. They said some outages have stalled the release and they weren't sure when it would happen. Honestly, though, you would think that they would release the Satellite version that officially supports RHEL 9 before releasing the product so you would be able to start using it as soon as it was released...

I've managed to build RHEL9 systems with 6.10.6 after changing some kickstart files, it might be late to post them now as I sense the 6.11 release is coming soon.

So Satellite 6.11 can be installed on both RHEL8 and RHEL9 or just on RHEL8?

As far as I know, only RHEL8 will be compatible, but it will provision RHEL9 by default

6.11 has been released yesterday!!

Some info and links here about it