Storage : SAN (FC) migrations

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Lets assume I have several RHEV Hypervisors all attached to SAN based FC storage.

Now, I've decided to changed my storage vendor and need to migrate my FC based storage domains to my new storage solution.


With RHEL , this is a simple task of zoning up your new storage, configure multipath, format it, bring it under control of LVM and use pvmove to effectively mirror-drop the LV's from old to new physical volumes.


With RHEV hypervisor we don't really that option, do we ?


How would you suggest we did this ?  


One way would be to create a new DC using the new target storage and use the the NFS based Export/Import facility in RHEV-M to migrate the VM's but this would take a LONG time and would require the VM's to be offline.


Any others ?     Will the Storage Migration feature in 3.1 be of any help in this respect ?




Strange, I seem to have answered this one yesterday, but the answer is gone.


Anyhow, if you set up the new SAN as a second storage domain, and attach it to the existing DC, you will be able to move the VM's over (rughtclick->Move on the VM).

Then to decommission the old SAN, put it in maintenance (in the DC tab/Storage subtab) detach and remove it.