RedHat boot up problem.

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I have a Dell T5500 Workstation with Red Hat Linux Enterprise 6 installed on it. On starting the system, I face the following problem. the system boots up and doesnt proceed to the login screen. To analyse the problem I booted into init 3. The system works fine till this point. When I try to boot into init 5, with the following command :


[root@COMP:]#init 5



The following output is generated :


Calling the system activity data collector (sadc) :

Starting portreserve :

Starting irqbalance :  

Kdump  already running :                      [ OK ]

Starting VirtualBox kernel modules :    [ OK ]

Retrigger failed udev events                  [ OK ]

Enabling bluetooth devices :                

Starting ksm :                                         [ OK ]  



Beyond this the system mysteriously does nothing. The login screen never shows up.


Kindly assist me in solving this problem. Any help will be appreciated.




Sounds potentially like there is a problem with your graphical configuration.  Have you checked /var/log/Xorg.0.log for any errors that might indicate X is failing to start?  You may also want to revert to a basic /etc/X11/xorg.conf by completely removing it or moving it out of the way and see if the default settings lets X start.  Or perhaps configure the system to use the vga graphical module as a test. 



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