Moving OpenShift Pipeline Workload to Infra Nodes

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Dear All,

I am trying to move OpenShift Pipeline workloads from worker nodes to infra nodes. But I couldn't accomplish this. I tried a lot of variations and changed the YAML files, but I couldn't transfer them to the infra nodes. Has anyone done this configuration? Do you have any suggestions?

My Openshift is 4.9.21 on-prem and I am using Redhat OpenShift Pipeline Operator. I found only the below information in the documentation

Red Hat OpenShift Pipelines release notes:

  • The current release enables you to configure node selection by specifying the nodeSelector and tolerations values in the TektonConfig custom resource (CR). The Operator adds these values to all the deployments that it creates.

    • To configure node selection for the Operator’s controller and webhook deployment, you edit the config.nodeSelector and config.tolerations fields in the specification for the Subscription CR, after installing the Operator.

    • To deploy the rest of the control plane pods of OpenShift Pipelines on an infrastructure node, update the TektonConfig CR with the nodeSelector and tolerations fields. The modifications are then applied to all the pods created by Operator.


I solved it myself

Can you share the steps, IHAC who wanted to achieve the same.

Can you please share the steps, IHAC who wanted to achieve the same.