how to add serial key of WinXP through rhevm-config

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I have created WinXP template after run the sysprep utility,and now i want to create Desktop pool.

i have created the 6 desktop but fist time i have to provide serial key on all 6 desktops. i ran rhevm-config command to add the serial key , but i am getting bellow error message


[root@rhev-m ~]# rhevm-config --set ProductKey=XXXX8-XXXX6-X7XXX-X3XXX-X9XXX --cver=winxp
Error setting ProductKey's value. No such entry with version winxp.



rhevm-config --set ProductKey="XXXX8-XXXX6-X7XXX-X3XXX-X9XXX"


Then check with 

rhevm-config -a |grep ProductKey

Hi Dan,


Thanks for the reply, now i am able to add the win XP key but still my purpose is not solved, if you have any idea so please suggest me on below query;


1) I want to create desktop pool for 10 desktop with the name of lab1, lab2......,lab10.

2) And all these 10 win xp desktop should automatically add in Active directory automatically.

3) SID of all 10 desktop should be unique.


I have already completed the below thing in lab


1) I have created one Win XP template after run the sysprep utility(as per the document)

2) added the win xp key (rhevm-config --set ProductKey="XXXX8-XXXX6-X7XXX-X3XXX-X9XXX")


Currently Problem facing:

1) After deploy the pool when i started the desktop vms so it require serial key



Could you please help me on this query.


Thanks in advance.



EDIT: removed sensitive information posted by accident

can you first test with a single XP VM - see if it gets the S/N automatically when created from a template and first run with a sysprep mode enabled?

still same , i created the pool for 1 deaktop and start and i checked bydefault flopy is map with sysprep mode but even after that vm is not getting S/N automatically.



Please try this,


Run once > Add floppy > Start the VM

Use sysprep to reseal the VM again.

Now create the template using the newly resealed VM, then the pool.