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I have 3 suggestions


1. inside tickets, if any xml content is pasted and added to the ticket, the xml content is parsed, rendering the xml content unreadable as xml. If the user wants to escape he must replace the <tag> by escaped tags &lt; and &gt; a lot of work if the xml content is large.


2. when the ticket list is open [a] the last column titled "Updated" shows the last interaction the ticket received


but when the ticket is open it doesn't display the last interaction with the same time and date as listed in the case list




I see that if any saved draft (not published) updates the "Updated" time/date column of case list [a], as if the ticket is updated, but it is not. 

Also, I suppose there is a type of GSS internal comment in the ticket, perhaps if the GSS updates the ticket but the ticket creator is not able to see, the "Updated" column is changed, leading the ticket creator to open the ticket to see the support comment, but there is none.


Is that possible to show the "Updated" column only if both sides can see the ticket comments ?


a. https://access.redhat.com/support/cases/list


3. Accidentaly I put an space character in the comment and click the "Add comment", and the empty comment was added. I recommend to use a String.trim().size() > 0 before recording the comment.








2011-10-19 18:55 BRST - updated with comment-bug.png image


Hi Claudio,


for large XML data, I would recommend attaching it to the ticket as a file.


I'll raise points 2 and 3 to the portal team as enhancement requests.


Many thanks for your feedback,


The first issue related to xml content, is a bug in the comment system, any xml sample pasted there is not escaped when published.


Currently I have 5 tickets open and 3 of them have sample xml pasted. To see them I need to see the html source code to extract the relevant xml pasted by support person.


Can you confirm if this is a bug ?


Sure, any big file is better to be attached.

See how the comment is rendered in the attached image (comment-bug.png)

The screenshot also shows the html source code, see the xml pasted content is not escaped with &lt; &gt; xml entities.