Why I can't create iSCSI and FC export domains in RHEV 3.0?

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Red Hat is deprecating export domain on block devices for several reasons:


1. It cannot be shared from multiple DC's/RHEV-Manager, requiring to detach/attach per import and export operations (that's true for NFS domain as well today, but the plan is to solve that).

2.  The intention is to change the export and ISO domain to become simple NFS mount points, rather than "storage domains". This will allow much easier management / manipulation of VMs / ISOs, managing them in hierarchies, uploading/downloading them externally to RHEV-Manager, etc. This is obviously not possible for block storage.

Since it's planned for the next major version, Red Hat starts to deprecate the block export domain in 3.0. It is still supported in upgrade from 2.2, and possible to create it from the REST API. However upgrade to 4.0 will not be possible if block export domain is defined in the system


When I click export on a VM, I get the error "Cannot export VM. Low disk space on relevant Storage Domain.".


The VM disk is 150GB of type unassigned and format RAW.  The export storage domain is NFS and has 275GB total, 173GB available and 102GB used.


Any idea what I can do with this?



I removed almost all of the used space on this disk.  It now is 24GB used, 238GB free.   The export of a 150GB VM disk was accepted.  It is exporting now.


There seems to be some calculation or threshold checking.