Support for the 'ceph' filesystem

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Ceph is a cool distributed filesystem which is now in the mainline kernel (experimental)


Whats especially cool about it is not only are there native kernel drivers, but it also has libraries to applications can access it directly. There is even a kvm driver for it, as storage without going through the host kernel. There is also an S3 compatible interface if you are in to that sort of thing.


Ceph is also outstanding because it doesnt have any sort of sailing companies involved (Oracle for example)


Have you used Ceph? What are the advantages and disadvantages of it? How would you anticipate using it? Is it missing any key capabilities?

One of the key drivers is that it seems to be the only shared nothing DFS that has a kernel driver, everything else seems to use FUSE :)


Also the kvm driver for it is really cool.


Im suprised your kvm boffins havent jumped all over that !


There is also a xen driver if xen is how you like to virtualise your open source.