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Dear All,

I have a RHEL V5 server with an External USB 4mm tape drive, Can anybody help me in how to configure this external tape drive after I connect it to the USB , is it auto or I have to mount it and what is the steps for that ...


Thanks you


Have you searched the Customer Portal yet? There is some info there, such as:








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Thanks alot for your updates, I did check the URLs and see the following devices under /dev folder, it seems that the USB tape is auto detected,

crw-rw---- 1 root disk 9,  0 Jun  6 07:55    st0
crw-rw---- 1 root disk 9, 32 Jun  6 07:55   st0l
crw-rw---- 1 root disk 9, 64 Jun  6 07:55   st0m
crw-rw---- 1 root disk 9, 96 Jun  6 07:55    st0a



now do I need to mount it to excute tar commands and what is the command syntax for the mount process



Hi, there are lots or resources online - I did a quick google for 'how to use a tape drive in linux' and returned many results, such as:







(Check out the resources and links)


You might also want to check out the man pages for such command line tools such as: cpio, tar, dump, mt, and dd.


This is all assuming you aren't using a third-party ISV solution like Symantec NetBackup, which has its own tools for accomplishing this.


Hope this helps!



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Hi Mamoun Abu Zaytoun,



I give you some examples to try:




tar cvpPf /dev/st0 /tmp/*

tar cvpPf /dev/st0l /tmp/*

tar cvpPf /dev/st0m /tmp/*

tar cvpPf /dev/st0a /tmp/*


findout which works best for your tapedrive




choose one of the following (the same one as the create that worked for your tapedrive)


tar xvpPf /dev/st0

tar xvpPf /dev/st0l

tar xvpPf /dev/st0m

tar xvpPf /dev/st0a



Kind regards,



Jan Gerrit Kootstra