Satellite 6.10 and Web based Red Hat Insights

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Not sure whether anyone else is experiencing the same pain as myself. But I would love to know whether my problems are isolated to just myself or common problems experienced by others..

A few weeks ago I upgraded from Satellite 6.9 to 6.10, as a result my ability to remediate and identify issues from my satellite system have been "deprecated", and I am now reliant on Since then I have logged multiple Support Cases.

I have systems reporting faults that do not exist, systems unable to be remediated from due to being "Direct Connections" when they are properly registered to my Satellite which are able to be remediated from my Satellite system. Advisories on Systems in that are not showing up in my Satellite system. Intermittent unable to remediate anything due to the unable to communicate with the Satellite "Status Unknown".

To say that I am disappointed in the "deprecation" of Insights functionality in Satellite 6.10, would be an understatement. I always found that the Satellites version of Insights easy to use, clearly set out and very responsive, I can not say the same about

Would love to hear whether I am alone with these issues and thoughts about Insights.


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I am also feeling the same. It was a very nice feature and it was removed.

The functionality is still there but it has moved. There was a significant update to the console with the move to newer apis and this now lives under. the menu structure "Configure | Inventory Upload and Configure | Insights". There is also updates to the hosts list and host details page.

I am very interested to find out more about the pain points you are experiencing so that we can continue to make improvements. If you are interested, ping me at and I'll coordinate a meeting between you, myself and one of our engineering associates.

The insights page needs to be restored from 6.9. This "new" report is way less functional and much more difficult to sort/manage.

I'm having same problem too with one of my Satellite servers which was upgraded to 6.10 . I unable to remediate directly from console due to cloud connector issues .The support ticket was already created and pending for long..

I wish I would've read these posts before upgrading to 6.10 from 6.9. The new Insights reporting in 6.10 is not good and a huge step down from previous versions. Please add the full functionality back!