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I was trying to DL samba-common and noted that there is no version for RHEL 7_9 anymore. I need to update due to a STIG failure all of the called out samba rpms but samba-common did not have version 4.10.16-17.el7_9.x86_64. It did list 4.1.12-24.el7_1.x86_64 but that failed to load with the other sambas with the 4.10 version.

Help Please


Hi Marco,

Maybe you are looking for this package ? :)


Thanks Christian. I did find this version. I had to do a search vice going to the rpm browser. The STIG called out one specifically for 7_9 and that is what I have gotten used to DLing. I am sure the noarch will work but I will be finding out in a few hours. Thanks again.

You're welcome, Marco ! :)