DHCPv6 Relay - parsing bug?

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I'm trying to configure DHCPv6 Relay, but it doesn't seem to like my interface name

This seems to work:
dhcrelay -d --no-pid -6 -l team0.15 -u 1234:123:34::8%em3

If i try this:
dhcrelay -d --no-pid -6 -l team0.15 -u 1234:123:34::8%team0.10
I get error: Interface name '1234:123:34::8/runeam0.10' too long

It seems to be the interface name that's causing issue, or more specifically %t thats causing the issue. Any other interface name seems ok

Any ideas on how to escape or work around this? Renaming the interface would be a pain!



Solved this by creating a dhcreplay6.environment file with the following contents



Then changing dhcrelay6.service to


ExecStart=/usr/sbin/dhcrelay -d --no-pid -6 -l team0.15 -u ${DHCPSERVERONE} -u ${DHCPSERVERTWO}