Prints two separate documents on the same page in RHEL

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  • when we print 2 separate document(delivery order), the 2nd document is always print at the bottom of 1st document(after last line of data printed on 1st page).
  • the correct printing layout should be 2nd document is print at a new page instead of continue the 1st page.
  • we had try to add the formfeed script as below
    Example 1:

    cat $*
    echo -ne "\f""

    Example 2:
    cat $*
    echo -e "\f\c"

  • we also try to create a new ppd to link to the script above.
  • but when we run the printing, the document still print without form feed.

May i know that how can we add in the form feed/page eject to the printer, so when we print thru the printer it can have a new page for new document?

Thank You.