red hat 7.7 installation from remote image

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I wanted to install a red hat 7.7 to a server, but the installation hangs during the boot of installer.
I think this is happening because the mounted install iso file and the server is located on 2 different continents. Unfortunately it is not possible to copy the install disk to the server.
Is there a minimum network bandwidth requirement for a remote installation?


Hello Csaba Magyar,

I've not read of a mandatory minimum network bandwidth, but certainly as you've experienced first-hand, a shaky network with this expectation can certainly be problematic. You don't have to get a capsule server, and I've only included a couple of ideas there's other ideas besides what I put below...

I can tell you that there are products that help with this sort of thing, namely something called "capsule server" which is connected to a Red Hat Satellite. The idea is, let's say you have a Red Hat Satellite and you are in (I'll pick for example) London, and you have servers somewhere thousands of miles away. You could establish a "capsule" server that synchronizes content (including kickstarts, etc) and then build from your capsule server at your remote location. The synchronization occurs as needed and the content is available at your remote location.

That aside, maybe you have just one more system at your remote location, and you can establish even an nfs or local httpd/nfs/ftp server with a kickstart file appropriately served to only your system(s) within your remote protected network.

Another method, you could adopt something along the lines of Frank Caviggia and create your own custom ISO with the kickstart built within the ISO itself and "burn" the iso to some media and create your systems in that manner. (note, the example in the link in this paragraph is a very hardened kickstart. You do not necessarily have to incur that level of hardening, although hardening servers is good. The example of Frank Caviggia is just to show a method of your own content you can have on the media you use to kickstart with, and you can make your own kickstart with this form of method without the hardenining. The point of this is not the hardening there, but the method he used to make a self-conained media with a kickstart that's also on the ISO file).