Configuring a Managed Domain on Two machines for JBoss EAP 7.3

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Platform: RHEL 7.7 Maipo 64-Bit
App Server: JBoss EAP 7.3.9

Documentation followed: RH JBoss 7.3 Config Guide section 8.6.2: Setting up a Managed Domain on Two Machines

IP Addr1 (Master): xx.xx.xx.116
IP Addr2 (Slave): xx.xx.xx.115

Master Server starts successfully with:
./ --host-config=host-master.xml &

Error received on Slave upon starting:
./ --host-config=host-slave.xml -Djboss.domain.master.address=xx.xx.xx.116 -Djboss.bind.address=xx.xx.xx.115 &

[Host Controller] 06:25:04,722 ERROR [] (Controller Boot Thread) WFLYCTL0013: Operation ("add") failed - address:
[Host Controller] ("host" => "slave"),
[Host Controller] ("interface" => "management")
[Host Controller] ]) - failure description: "WFLYCTL0101: Invalid address ${ (${ Name or service not known)"

Master host-master.xml file contents

        <native-interface security-realm="ManagementRealm">
            <socket interface="management" port="${}"/>
        <http-interface security-realm="ManagementRealm">
            <http-upgrade enabled="true"/>
            <socket interface="management" port="${}"/>
    <interface name="management">
        <inet-address value="${}"/>
    <interface name="public">
        <inet-address value="${jboss.bind.address:xx.xx.xx.116}"/>
    <interface name="private">
        <inet-address value="${jboss.bind.address.private:xx.xx.xx.116}"/>

Domain Controller domain.xml file contents



SLAVE host-slave.xml


Can anyone help me determine why I get the above error? The only discrepancy I see is the jboss.bind.address value. In host-slave.xml it is set to 116, but I start slave services with -Djboss.bind.address=xx.xx.xx.115 as detailed in the documentation.