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Hi, I have a problem with katello 4.1, when I enter Hosts -> Content Hosts -> one of hosts, I have the message: "This Host is not currently registered with subscription-manager. Click here for registration information."
When i press 'here' nothing happens, in the browser console I see: "Possibly unhandled rejection: {" $ id ": 10," type ": 4," message ":" This transition is invalid "," detail ": "Could not resolve 'content-hosts.register' from state ''"} ". I didn't have this problem in katello 4.0, what did I do wrong? Please help.


Hello, is that some upstream katello version or is it a Sat6.10 beta? As that is (afaik) the only Red Hat product being shipped with katello-4.1. But even in the 6.10beta case, I think better/faster feedback will be received in the upstream community forum. Is there some backtrace in /var/log/foreman/production.log from that time?