Incoherent RH8 appstream repo

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When trying to install package golang.x86_64 dnf finds the package definition in appstream channel but fail to download it as it is nto present.
When I try to browse the appstream repo with artifactory (whoch is used as proxy for red hat repo) I cannot find the golang.x86_64 rpm.

Is this an issue with RH8-appstream repo descriptor?
Other packages from that stream I tested isntalled fine (baobab for exemple)

Sebastien Chanson


Hi Sebastien,

The golang package is part of the go-toolset module, which is not enabled by default.

sudo dnf module list | grep go  
go-toolset        rhel8 [d]         common [d]        Go  

It should get enabled automatically - but for whatever reason seems it does not. :)
Try to first enable the go-toolset module - and then to install the golang package.

sudo dnf module enable go-toolset
sudo dnf install golang


Thanks for the tips I will keep it in mind next time. Today install run flowlessly. Maybe a sync issue on the repomd.xml file.

PS: sorry for the typos.

Hi Sebastien,

You're welcome ! Glad you could solve the problem. :)