8.4 install fails with DNF error for kmod-kvdo

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Looking to install the 8.4 image to an iSCSI target for diskless boot. I have done it before where I use the defaults for everything. However, now that I am attempting to create manual partitions and volumes, I get the following error during the install:

DNF error: Error in POSTTRANS scriptlet in rpm package kmod-kvdo

I have been able to install fine with all other modifications in use, so there seems to be something going on with the partitioning.


Hi Eli Kirk,

I can't say I have more background in this than you do - I do not. I can't say I will know the answer for this either.

  • The other systems that you successfully loaded, did you make manual partitions and volumes?
  • For the other versions of RHEL that you mention did work - what were those versions of RHEL you made successful iscsi diskless clients for? Did those systems have kmod-kvdo?
  • Did you happen to notice some of the bugzillas for 'Error in POSTTRANS scriptlet in rpm package kmod-kvdo? This one, and This one someone offers a work-around that may not apply for you, maybe, maybe not
  • I'm curious if there's another matter, this affected earlier editions of CentOS 8, such as CentOS 8.0
  • Is your reduced output anything like this block below?
 Running scriptlet: tuned-2.13.0-6.0.2.el8.noarch                            
  Running scriptlet: microcode_ctl-4:20191115-4.el8.x86_64                    
realpath: weak-updates/kmod-kvdo/vdo/kvdo.ko: No such file or directory
realpath: weak-updates/kmod-kvdo/uds/uds.ko: No such file or directory
dracut: installkernel failed in module kernel-modules-extra
warning: %posttrans(microcode_ctl-4:20191115-4.el8.x86_64) scriptlet failed,
exit status 1

Error in POSTTRANS scriptlet in rpm package microcode_ctl
  Running scriptlet: libgcc-8.3.1-                          
  Running scriptlet: glibc-common-2.28-101.0.1.el8.x86_64                    
  Running scriptlet: info-6.5-6.el8.x86_64                                    

Can you provide the remaining dnf output (even as a photo) surrounding you mentioned DNF error: Error in POSTTRANS scriptlet in rpm package kmod-kvdo?

I can't say that I'll have an answer if you provide this, but more info may help us (all) attempt to help you maybe.

Kind Regards,