Upgrade to Satellite 6.9

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Anyone has satellite 6.8 snapshot backup issue while upgrading from satellite 6.8 to 6.9? Please advise. Thanks


Hi Minh Tran,

When you speak of a snapshot backup issue, do you mean with something like VMware? If so, perhaps this may help, depending on your version of VMware, however, maybe you are or are not using VMware. If the version doesn't match for that VMware KB article, you may want to dig there. If it's another virtualization product, maybe dig at that site.

Another consideration maybe addressed at that link above... A satellite potentially has enormous amounts of change, like ingesting a Content View, or updating rpm repositories/creating content views. The changes are saved as a snapshot goes on, and this can potentially take up very enormous amounts of space. I filled up a storage pool once on a VMware instance, and the reason why was a snapshot that could be deleted, and I hadn't in some time. With all the changes that happen over time, this can fill up a storage pool, and that system, and others will behave as though they are out of space, and yet, when you run rousing rounds of "df", it remains not seen because it's the underlying filesystem of the storage pool iteslf.

Perhaps the storage pool is full or approaching full and this can cause issues with subsequent VMware snapshots. Perhaps consider if there are other snapshots (if this is VMware) on this or other systems that can be removed.

I have not seen that specifically. However, given the possibilities of this matter, it may be good to open a case with Red Hat to get priority support that's targeted. They will ask for an sosreport.

I would imagine you saw this Red Hat Satellite upgrade helper, I provide it just for reference.

Hope this helps,