installing latest rhel on Macbook pro 16.1 2019 as physical OS any hope?

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i'm lately had been exploring rhel as desktop running in vm for development and had pleasant experience and want to use it as host.
Since latest rhel based on linux kernel 4.x i should expect proper support any time soon?
I'm following bleed edge Ubuntu which not consider to use. but even they not got there


Please evaluate if the workaround listed by Juan Manual Marrilla Madrid is useful at this bug which someone else here in the discussion forums mentioned it worked for them.

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Thanks a lot for response! pity the workarounds applicable to older models of macs. before apple introduced T2 security chip :seem like will have to wait couple years before RHEL will move to linux 5.x kernel.

The wait should be less than one year - Red Hat has publicly committed to shipping RHEL 9 in the Spring of 2022 (only about 9 months from now!), and that version will be based on kernel 5.x (based on past history, probably one of the versions released this summer, like 5.12 or 5.13).

Great to know that. thanks!