RHEL7.5 auto-installed security update without awareness

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My VM installed security updates a while ago without notice. Yum-cron is not configured. Would like to find what, who and when the security update was installed.


Hello Leon Zhang,

If you wish to understand and know more details about when was a package or group of packages got installed then check using "yum history" command. This shows a list of all yum transactions that occurred. If you wish to know more details about any transaction then trigger the "yum history info " command. This would tell you what command was run in that particular transaction, what packages are installed/updated and date/time of the transaction etc,.

If the system is controlled or managed by a life cycle management tool such as Satellite then possibility is that those updates could have been pushed by it. Otherwise, an infra tool such as Ansible could also do that.

Hope this helps!