What does Take Ownership mean and how do owners get created in Quay?

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We're running a local Quay registry at work that I've taken over. I only have access to the UI, not backend, so I don't know what version we are running.

I'm setting up Organizations and users and keep seeing this, can't find anything in the latest documentation.

What does Take Ownership mean? I get that if I Select Super User Admin Panel > select gear to the right of a user's name and see Take Ownership

Also if I'm viewing a repository > select Teams and Members, there is a owners team. Looks like this is created by default? Is there a way to create a consistent owners team across all repos, so as people leave, we don't loose control over a repo?


Hey Christopher,

The "Take ownership" has two different uses depending on whether you're taking ownership of a specific user or specific organization. If the option is done on a user account (from the "users" list), then it will convert the user account into an organization (which will disable login access for that user via the UI and CLI) and will put your user in the "owners" team in the newly created organization. If it's used on an organization, then it only puts your username in the owners team of the organization (no conversion is needed). As far as the "owners" team, it is created every time you create a new organization (that's the first team to be added). All users inside that team have all admin rights on the organization. Teams are namespace bound, you cannot create a global owners team.

Thanks for the write up, that was a big help. Is there anywhere in the Red Hat Quay documentation, where I can read up more on this?

Also under User and Organizations, I don't see a way for me to "Take Ownership." Maybe I don't have this option?

EDIT: Figured it out. You can add other users to a Org's owners with the following commands: select user ID in upper right hand corner > Super User Admin Panel > Manage Organizations > select gear icon and select "Take Ownership."

From there, select owners and add users from the "Add a registered user, robot to the team."