RHEL 8.4 installer won't use packages on bootable USB

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When trying to install RHEL 8.4 on an offline system using a USB stick booted UEFI that was created with the full 10+ GB ISO file and containing the Appstream and base system packages, the only package source options I have are Red Hat CDN and ISO file.

There is no option to use the packages already on the USB stick.

By formatting another USB stick EXT4 and copying the ISO file onto it I was eventually able to get it to detect a package source. This is the same ISO file used to create the boot stick.

Have I missed a step somewhere?

I've been installing RHEL 6, 7, and earlier versions of 8 from bootable USB devices for years and have never had to struggle with it to get it to see the packages on the boot device.


Thanks, that's good information but this is the first install of what should be many and it is supposed to serve as the basis to develop a kickstart capability.

This may be related:

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Same symptom but described differently and it was supposed to be corrected in 8.3. If it was, then it has regressed back in to 8.4.