Not seeing new patches for RHEL7.9

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On my last patch cycle, June 16, I saw the normal amount of patches ~ 40 or so on the 100+ servers that I patched. This month its only patching Firefox on the servers where it exists.
Is it just me or are others also seeing this?
Is there a listing somewhere that shows the dates of published patches?


You can use this link to find out update history on your system. RHEL 7 doesn't update often, only in case if there is security issue of some minor maintenance stuff around kernel and other userland software. RHEL7 in is Maintenance Support phase.

In your environment, do you use a Red Hat Satellite (and/or Capsule) server as the patch source, or the Red Hat CDN directly? If a Satellite/Capsule, are you sure your repo sync process and/or Content View publish & promote process is working properly?

In my environment, I saw ~60 packages changed between 2021-06-07 and 2021-07-05 for RHEL 7.9 systems; RHEL 8.4 was slightly higher with 70+ packages patched during the same window.

Occasionally, I'll learn of package updates based on information published by CentOS or Oracle before I see the official Red Hat announcement.

CentOS has a mailing list, CentOS-announce, and the archives may be browsed without a subscription. This content is mostly limited to CentOS 7 ("EL7").

Similarly, Oracle has an el-errata list, as well as a summary on their repository server. The EL7 content is mixed with information about other software releases.

Of course, neither CentOS nor Oracle provide the exact same package set as RHEL, so these resources, while perhaps useful, cannot be considered comprehensive solutions.

Red Hat Product Errata shows publish dates. Filter by product and version to get just the information that you want, such as for Red Hat Enterprise Linux.