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I am retiring and need to hand over my account to someone else.


Hi Maggie,

Handing over a Red Hat account is not possible as far as I know - the account is bind to an individual or an organization.
In case you want to get your account deactivated, or deleted - please contact the Red Hat Customer Service team ... :)


hi Maggie,

You can create a new login under the account with org admin privileges for your successor.

The successor can deactivate your login.

If you do not know your successor, check the posts of RJ and Christian.


Jan Gerrit

Hi Maggie,

EDITED - see the good replies above if the scenario Jan mentions fits better than contacting support. Contacting support is another option, but you may be able to just do what Jan suggests.

Congratulations on your retirement, and welcome to the discussion forum.

We are a collection of volunteers here, and we can't deal with Red Hat accounts. Please contact Red Hat Customer Support directly https://access.redhat.com/support/contact/customerService/

It looks like we all provided a similar answer :)

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