RHEL Subscription: Shell state is not Cockpit state

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We have the problem that in the RHEL shell it says, we have a subscription and in the cockpit UI not.
We are air-gapped so without internet access.
Is this normal?
Is there a way to show the same state on both?
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Shell state

Cockpit UI state
"Nicht subskribiert" means no subcription


We just got this from RedHat: "For offline registered system, the status should not be checked through cockpit web console as it works for online registered systems only. RHSM integrated within cockpit will work for online registered system only. It will not show the status of offline registered system because cockpit uses a RHSM API to confirm the subscription status from the portal and if the system is disconnected (air-gapped) then it will not show the status. It is an expected behavior of cockpit."