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Hello everyone. Please send the default configuration files to OpenShift Container Platform. I need to write a configuration, but I can't install OpenShift since I don't have access to my work computer.



No one could understand about your requirement. Is this something for taking exam on OpenShift? I'm not sure. Is this something that you are asking for downloading the required software (OpenShift)? If this is the case then you could visit the page download page and download required software. Or what else? Please elaborate.

I also suggest you to visit this wonderful page created by RJ which narrates the dos & don'ts before posting a discussion: Posting tips for the Red Hat Discussion Area

FYI. This is largely community driven model and supported by Red Hat Technical Team. Means if required Red Hat support team would get involved as well. Saying so, if there is an urgency with any production down issues then you may better log a case with Red Hat Support team directly.