installation Error HANACOCK pit Sp12_18 on Redhat 8.2

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Hi experts , trying installing HANACOCK pit Sp12_18 on Redhat 8.2 and getting issue below

Installation of SAP HANA Cockpit System failed.

INFO: Summary of critical errors 01:41:25.456 -

ERR : Installation of SAP HANA Cockpit System failed.

ERR : Cannot detect command line options dynamically.

ERR : Cannot get external program configuration.

has anyone faced similar issue . please let me know on the work around. attached is the log file for reference

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Did you get any Solution

Hello to the original person, "Ameriprise Unix Unix",

I noticed the following in your output:

01:41:09.807 - INFO:     /root/cockpit/XSA_RT_20_LINUX_X86_64/instruntime/sdbrun: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Please validate any needed rpm dependencies.

Something I do when searching for something like this:

yum provides */

Make sure your system is properly subscribed and your Red Hat repositories are available.

This was the most immediate thing that stood out in the output you provided.

It seems someone replied to you at this location too. It is possible the people at that the forum may have more expertise on this product.

Are you using SAP HANA from Red Hat, or from

Please also see this reference which is separate from that link.

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