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I have installed Prometheus operator v.0.0.46, the CRD created have default web.enable-lifecycle set as true. How to disable this attribute.


Hi Akanksha Choubey,

I have zero experience with Prometheus operator of any version. You didn't really give us much information, what version RHEL you are using, where you got the software etc. The thing about third-party software such as that, you have to dig through the logs (if any), and also the script as well.

Third party software such as you describe is generally not simplistic to install and is generally a pain to debug.

Just maybe this is the link you got this from?? I don't really know. Regardless, I'd dig heartily through Google. **Dig through the output you have (that we don't) if it is available and put the errors you can find (if any) into google to attempt to find the answer. Or maybe this is a clue here, or maybe this, it's hard to tell. If you gave us the source you acquired this, we could target a search better..

My apologies I don't have more, but we don't have much to go through with your post. If you post again, please do consider these tips

I wish you success with your work with this.