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Hi sorry if this question sounds stupid but i always wondered what's the name of this extension? For example if i want to use it in Fedora but with the Fedora logo of course i know before there was an extension called Activities Configurator that did something similar but it's discontinued by it's developers.



Hi Daniel,

You are right, the extension is called Activities Configurator and it is currently unmaintained. But this extension is not being
used in RHEL. The implementation of the Red Hat icon has been done by the RHEL design team manually. I have searched
for an alternative, but unfortunately I couldn't find something for you - maybe the extension finds a new maintainer soon. :)


OK thanks for the answer :) yes i used that extension on other distros i use like Fedora and OpenSUSE(Use Mate instead of GNOME).

You're welcome, Daniel ! :)

So strange that Fedora don not do the same manually is not Fedora part of Red Hat i mean like OpenSUSE Tumbleweed is to SLE and Leap is more like CentOS?

Hi Daniel,

Fedora is a completely independent project which is sponsored by Red Hat, and - although being
upstream for coming RHEL versions it cannot exactly be compared with OpenSUSE and SUSE. :)


Hi Daniel,

The order of "projects" is Fedora org, Red Hat takes some software from it and puts it in CentOS Stream this is the project that is the base for RHEL major and minor releases.

The development chain for SUSE it is:

                      | -> OpenSuse leap -> SLES or SLED.

                      |-> SUSE Linux (Red Hat does not have a similar product).


Jan Gerrit